Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Welcome To Murphys Library

No, Murphy doesn't own this library. It's a small library in the town of Murphys (est. 1848) in Northern California. Last week I was on vacation and visited several historic mining town in the Mother Lode Country. While driving around Murphys I discovered this small library in what I think is the ideal work setting. Imagine working across from a park that has a stream running through it. The park has good shade trees, picnic benches, play equipment and a gazebo. What a peaceful setting! The library is a branch of the Calaveras County Library system.


Anonymous said...

I'd love to work there.

Anonymous said...

Murphys is the perfect setting to raise a family. The park and the library are family favorite's of my 3 small children! The park reminds me of "One Mile" park in Chico, CA, another family favorite!