Friday, September 22, 2006


Check it out...Robbie Coltrane (who plays gentle-giant 'Hagrid' in Harry Potter) stars in this dark and gritty mystery series that was a huge hit in Britain during the 1990s. CRACKER first ran as a series from 1993 until 1995; it went on to win numerous awards around the world, with Robbie Coltrane picking up the BAFTA award for Best Actor three years in a row. The show centers around Dr. Edward Fitzgerald, "Fitz", a criminal psychologist hired to assist the Manchester Police Force in profiling and catching killers. This crime thriller 'whodunnit' asks the more disturbing question of 'why'. Fitz's personal problems (drinking, overeating, and gambling addiction) add to the fun.

Available at the library:

Cracker DVDs: Series 1; Series 2; Series 3
Cracker Novelisations --
The Mad Woman In The Attic by Jim Mortimore
To Say I Love You by Molly Brown
One Day A Lemming Will Fly by Liz Holliday

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