Tuesday, September 26, 2006

My Voyage on the Tole Mour

Recently one of our favorite patrons, Christopher Chung, was in and told us about his recent experiences aboard the Tole Mour ship of the Guided Discovery Program. Christopher is a 4th grade student at Balboa Elementary in Glendale. He was chosen to go on this trip by his school as a reward for his good performance in math. We asked if he would share his experience with our readers and so he wrote the following account of his trip. How did Christopher get to be such a smart guy you ask? Well Christopher and his sister Jessica visit the library to get books with their dad every weekend.

My Experience Aboard the Tole Mour
By Christopher Chung

First, we left on an express boat to Catalina Island. On our way we got to sit down and eat lunch or watch a movie and also go up on the decks. When we got close we saw dolphins everywhere jumping up and down. After we got there we unloaded our luggage and then we got to see a Shovel-nosed Guitar fish. We also saw a Horn Shark. Then we took a dingy to the Tole Mour. When we got there we got to unload and then put our stuff downstairs. After they talked to us about some rules and some other things, we got to eat lunch and later we got to climb and also buy things. Later we had dinner and then went to sleep in our bunks.
Next, the second morning, I got to jump into thee water and then had hot chocolate and breakfast. Later we did some cleaning for the crew and then went snorkeling. When we got out of the water you would clean yourself in an outdoor shower and then you would put your snorkeling things away and then go change. After you change, you go eat lunch. After lunch we did some other things and then had dinner. After dinner you would do your pride and then rotating. You got to jump into the water and glow green because plankton came up to the surface. Then you would go change and do other things, like see how it looked like deep below in the water. After that we went to bed.
Lastly, in the morning we ate breakfast. While every body was eating breakfast I asked the first mate if I could drive the boat. He said, “Yes,” so I drove the boat and later we went snorkeling. After snorkeling we ate lunch and did a super pride. A super pride is when you have to work extra hard to clean up the boat because it was the last day. After super pride your groups would rotate and you would get to climb up into the front of the boat. After everybody did it, you would go get your luggage and then when you dock you can go off and then the crew will unload your luggage and then you can find your luggage and leave the ship.

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