Monday, September 25, 2006

What We're Reading - "The Ruins" by Scott Smith.

I recently read Scott Smith's "The Ruins" I found this to be one creepy, scary and intensely compelling page turner...what these characters encounter is something else to avoid when traveling to Mexico. Stephen King would be envious of Scott Smith's best seller! A summer vacation gone very, very wrong.

Summary from an online review:
A group of young twentysomething tourists vacationing in Cancun impetuously agrees to make an expedition into the wilds when one of their group fails to return from his day trip to the Mayan ruins. Following a hand-drawn map that evokes strong negative reactions from assorted locals (the language barrier doesn't help), the tourists quickly find themselves ill-prepared for the task. No longer does the trip resemble a television-style reality show; now it's more like a haunted jungle. Their plight becomes increasingly dire as they are herded off to a mountaintop and held hostage by armed Mayan-like people they realize are the same villagers who killed their lost cohort. The horror factor ratchets up as unexplainable, creepy elements compete with the basic fight for survival.
And did we mention the problem of the local vegetation? Once again, Smith (A Simple Plan) deftly explores psychological tension and insidious fears. Fans of Alex Garland's The Beach and Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park won't put be able to put this one down. A perfect beach read; just don't stray too far from the lifeguard.

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