Monday, October 16, 2006

Bob Dylan in L.A., Long Beach Soon

Every Sunday I read the Los Angeles Times Calendar Section to see what plays, music groups, and performers are coming to the L.A. area. A couple weeks ago I noticed that Bob Dylan is performing at the Forum on October 20th, and the Long Beach Arena on October 21st. I like Bob. He was the music spokesman of my generation. Much the way that Bono is the spokesman today. Last year I read the first volume of Bob's autiobiography, Chronicles. It rambled a little -- well, maybe a lot -- but I enjoyed reading about how Bob evolved as a successful singer-songwriter. Who would have thought that Bob was friends with Bobby Vee, or that he admired Ricky Nelson? I especially liked his description of working and hanging out with a guy who plays a ukulele - later known as Tiny Tim. I'm not going to the concert this time (I saw him a couple years ago at the Forum), but if you're interested in finding out more about Bob you might consider checking out the book, Bob Dylan, The Essential Interviews, or the DVD, No Direction Home: Bob Dylan.

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Duedsml said...

Another item of note is that the library will soon have copies of Bob Dylan's new, #1 chart topping CD Modern Times in our collection. It is a great disc so keep an eye on our iBistro catalog for it.