Friday, October 27, 2006

Happy Birthday Teddy Roosevelt!

Today marks the 148th anniversary of the birth of Theodore Roosevelt. Teddy is one of the more remarkable and influential individuals that have ever held the office of US President. A spirited, energetic reformer of a man who trust busted, helped created our National Parks system and who's image inspired the creation of the Teddy Bear, I dare you to read about him and not be impressed by what this man accomplished. He also authored many books and left behind a literary legacy that few Presidents could match. There is no surprise that TR has been the award winning biographical subject of many leading authors including Edmund Morris' Pulitzer Prize and National Book award winning The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt, David McCullough's "Mornings on Horseback" [National Book Award]. There are many wonderful books about TR in the library's collection, the one that I read and personally can recommend is Theodore Roosevelt by Nathan Miller. No matter what book you choose to read, I think time spent in Teddy's company is time well spent. There, I now get off of my "Bully pulpit"!

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Jack said...

Teddy was a remarkable person indeed. He was quite a showman and politician all wrapped up into one.

I was offered the chance to put something on the upcoming space shuttle...So I decided that the voice of Theodore Roosevelt on an Edison cylinder was a good choice.

Roosevelt was the first President to fly, so I thought symbolically his recording of his voice made in 1912 will go to space and return...It is a thing that Roosevelt would think Bully to do...I would hope.

So on December 7, 2006..Hopefully Theodore Roosevelt recording will become weightless and in a week return. I look forward to playing the recording when it returns and then we can hear his voice after it traveled 5 million miles.. I am having some fun with history.

I find that Roosevelt sometimes made up stuff in his history...But still he did live a amazing life...As his daughter once said "He wanted to be the bride at every wedding, and the corpse at every funeral".... He was one great guy...He lived large.....So I hope that you can see that putting him on the shuttle, i could think of no other President to put on that ship and who would make sense...So it honors Edison and Roosevelt...