Monday, October 30, 2006

Movies I've Seen Lately.

For film goers, October through December is full of good movies to see as the studios jockey for Oscar nominations with their better releases appearing with regularity. Two films that I greatly enjoyed were The Queen based upon the events following Princess Diana's tragic death and featuring a superb performance, Oscar nomination for sure, by Helen Mirren as Queen Elizabeth II and Flags of our fathers, Clint Eastwood's dramatic WWII saga of Iwo Jima and the impact of the famed photograph both truth and myth had upon the war effort and the individuals that raised the flag.

These two films offer readers many opportunities to learn more about the events and individuals involved in making the movies. Viewers will find many other films involving Helen Mirren [Prime Suspect is great viewing] and Clint Eastwood too. Click on an above link and pick a book!

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