Tuesday, October 31, 2006

On Harold Lloyd: Master Comedian

The library has just received a flyer for a free event at California State University, Los Angeles. Suzanne Lloyd, granddaughter of Harold Lloyd, will be signing copies of her book On Harold Lloyd: Master Comedian. She will be speaking on Sunday, November 12. The reception will start at 2:00 PM and the lecture will commence at 2:30 PM. It will be held in the Martin Luther King Hall, Lecture Hall II, Cal State LA.

For more information, see the flyer.

Library Journal has said the following about On Harold Lloyd:

One of the most famous images of silent film is a man in a straw hat with glasses hanging on the hands of a giant clock high above city streets. The actor was Harold Lloyd, and the movie was Safety Last. While Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton are the more recognizable names of the silent era, Lloyd, sometimes known as "the third genius," also had quite a career. Vance (Buster Keaton Remembered) and Lloyd (the actor's granddaughter) present an exquisite tribute to a neglected artist.

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