Thursday, October 12, 2006

Questions, Comments, Feedback?

All of the bloggers at the Burbank Public Library are eager to receive questions, comments or feedback from all of you in cyberspace visiting our blog. Any particular posts that you have liked or disliked? Anything you'd like to see staff post on our blog? How are we doing?

We'd love to hear from you! Click on the "Comments" link under the post you'd like to respond to and tell us your thoughts

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Jim Hetherman said...

I am fortunate to have access to Article and Reference Databases (such as ERIC, Academic Search Premier, and PsycInfo) from another library. Are there any plans or is there any discussion about making these tools available to Burbank Library Card Holders?

These tools are not free, of course, and would require additional budget. But our community is already spending a lot of money on other things. The library should be the center of the community, not an adjunct. Are all of the other things our city is spending money on really advancing the culture of our community in a positive direction?

I believe that the Burbank Library has done a marvelous job with the resources provided. However, the community library is really the best hope we have building a broad community of thinking people who are concerned with more than their own short-term satisfactions.

Does the "The Media Center of the World" tagline represent the best that we can be?