Saturday, October 07, 2006

What We're Listening To - Andrew Jackson by Robert Vincent Remini.

One of the rare treats alotted to me when I travel, is the opportunity to listen to an audiobook on CD. My recent trip to Arizona allowed me to listen to Andrew Jackson by Robert Vincent Remini. Remini is a prominent Jacksonian expert and has written many books [that the library owns] upon this fascinating figure who has much impact upon our history and the evolution of the Presidency. Controversial, charismatic, stubborn, hot tempered and oh so politically savvy are just a few of the terms that describe Jackson who was a Indian fighter, General, farmer, duelist, ambitious politician and eventually President. He was the first President from the west and the first not from an aristocratic background, hence when Jackson arrives on the political scene his wartime popularity helps encourage ordinary citizens into participating in politics and results in the formation of our current two party system. This is an engaging, well written book, well read, on one of our most important Presidents.

Give it a listen and leave us a comment or two about what Presidents that you feel are interesting to you and important to our history!

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