Monday, November 13, 2006

President Gerald Ford

Congratulations to former President Gerald R. Ford, who on November 12, 2006, at 93 years and 121 days passed Ronald Reagan as the President who has lived the longest. I have read and recommend the following books about this well liked and decent man who was placed in the midst of the scandolous Watergate crisis as the only man unelected by the public to hold the offices of Vice President and then President and left to suddenly form his own team of advisors, keep the US government going and restore public confidence in the Presidency.
31 days : the crisis that gave us the government we have today by Barry Werth.
The author takes readers inside the White House during the tumultuous days following Richard Nixon's resignation and the swearing-in of Gerald Ford and is the first detailed account of the ruthless maneuvering and day-to-day politicking behind everything from the pardon of Nixon to why George H. W. Bush was passed over for the vice presidency, to the rise of a new cadre of Republican movers and shakers, 31 Days offers a compelling perspective on a fascinating but relatively unexamined period in American history and its impact on the present."

Time and chance : Gerald Ford's appointment with history by James M. Cannon.

A solid, articulate biography that illuminates many Nixon-Watergate shadows (including the pardon which cost Ford's chance to be elected to a full term). Ford emerges as decent, strong, and poor at self-aggrandizement.

A time to heal : the autobiography of Gerald R. Ford by Gerald R. Ford.
A Time to Heal is at once the autobiography of a political career and the human story of a dedicated but unassuming man propelled by history into taking on the immense burdens of the Presidency. It is a dramatic, forthright and firsthand account of a decent man's effort to knit together a nation fragmented by Watergate and a White house staff often contentious and badly bruised by the legacy of the Nixon years. There are light moments as well, of family fun, irreverence, pleasure and warmth.
  • Also available is Gerald R. Ford : Healing the Presidency, a profile from A & E's Biography series that is available both in DVD and video.
  • For children interested in reading about President Ford, please try the following books:

    Gerald R. Ford by Andrew Santella or Gerald Ford : thirty-eighth president of the United States by Paul P. Sipiera or Gerald R. Ford : our thirty-eighth president by Sandra Francis.

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