Monday, November 06, 2006

What we're listening to - The Best of Little Feat.

What the heck is a "Little Feat" you might ask? Well, one answer is that Jimmy Page said that they were his favorite American band. High praise indeed and you too may be swayed over after listening to this excellent overview of some 30+ years worth of crowd-pleasing, genre-transcending fusion of rock and roll, Dixie-boogie, blues, folk, funk, jazz, roots music, and more. Little Feat may be hard to describe, and much like their contemporaries, The Band, Little Feat never really hit it big commercially, but their rich mix of musical textures, stellar musicianship is one that I dare you to listen to without getting seduced by their funky beat and Lowell George's goregeous slide guitar playing. Try The Best of Little Feat, you can thank me latter.

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