Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Marley Read-alikes: Travels With Charley

In searching for books that are similar to Marley and Me, I stumbled upon this classic gem: Travels with Charley; in search of America by John Steinbeck. Charley is a standard Poodle, born of France and noble of breed. While he is not the focus of this literary travelogue, he is a constant companion who Steinbeck regards with the utmost respect and dignity. Even when Charley does his doggie business (which is often), he conducts himself in a way that is classy and refined. He is quite the gentleman compared to the rompish Marley, but I think you will smirk many times if you've ever considered your pet to be on the level of a person. The "conversation" the two have to sum up their impressions of the trip about halfway through the journey is priceless. This book is good for those who are ready to tackle some classic literature, who enjoy armchair travel and, of course, feel any book is better for having a canine influence.

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Wandering Dave said...

Having reached the age John Steinbeck had attained when he and his pet Charley embarked on a counter-clockwise circumnavigation of the U.S.A., I decided to undertake my own search for America -- going clockwise and including a good deal of Canada in my own adventure.

I departed from my home in central California on Valentines Day and expect to be on the road for about a year.

The Internet Age makes it possible -- if not mandatory -- for traveling writers to share their observations in real time. I'm maintaining a blog, column, discussion board, map room, photo gallery and podcast (both audio and some video) all on line at

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