Friday, December 01, 2006

Identity Theft Prevention and Awareness Month

December is Identity Theft Prevention and Awareness Month. It is especially crucial during the busy and oftentimes expensive holiday season that we remain vigilant in watching for any suspicious activity in our bank and credit accounts. However, identity theft can impact far more than our finances.

I recommend that everyone read through the Federal Trade Commission's Identity Theft Site. It is good to know the steps to take immediately upon learning that your privacy has been compromised.

I would also like to mention some web pages that offer ideas on the best ways to prevent identity theft. The FTC site gives you information on what to do today, before a problem occurs. You can also take a tutorial through AARP. Finally, look through the Consumer Action Website for additional tips.

We also have a few books in our library: Identity theft : how to protect your name, your credit and your vital information-- and what to do when someone hijacks any of these, Identity theft : how to protect your most valuable asset, and Preventing identity theft in your business : how to protect your business, customers, and employees.

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