Tuesday, December 12, 2006

What We're Swaying To: Picaresque

It's that time of year when my mind is easily distracted and it's difficult to concentrate on the written word for very long. While I've been meaning to present you with a book review or two, I have failed. (Sorry!) However, if there was ever an album that was meant for the literary snob in all of us, it is certainly Picaresque by The Decemberists. The sound is unique, full of exotic instruments, and the lyrics are full of wordy exuberance and clever storytelling. Indeed, it's similar to what Belle and Sebastian might produce after a particularly inspired history course. For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, let's just call it "indie rock" and leave it at that. It transports you to another time and teaches you a few vocabulary words in the process. (Palanquin?)

Fans of Stephen Colbert will recognize them as the band who have accepted his green screen challenge, and who thoughtlessly ripped off his video gimmick. For further details on that, click on the link. Let's just say that when one of my favorite musicians faces off against one of my favorite TV personalities, it's giggle-giddy time for Erin. (Easily amused).

Anyway, I would recommend taking a listen to this CD if you get the chance. Click on the album name above to check our library for availability. My favorite song? "The Mariner's Revenge Song": "We are two mariners / Our ships' sole survivors / In this belly of a whale / Its ribs are ceiling beams / Its guts are carpeting / I guess we have some time to kill". It's nearly 9 minutes of naughty nautical fun!

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