Monday, January 29, 2007

Author Spotlight - Deon Meyer

One of the greatest attributes of the mystery novel framework is how it can be used to spotlight professions, locations and cultures while telling a good whodunit. Fans of gritty, Police stories will find the three novels published by Deon Meyer, set in post-Apartheid South Africa to not only being good, entertaining mysteries but the South African setting with its troubled characters adjusting to a new post-Apartheid South Africa to be just as compelling. Deon Meyer's three published books in their US publishing order are Heart of the Hunter, Dead at Daybreak and Dead Before Dying. If you wish to read them in their original South African publication order read Dead Before Dying, Dead at Daybreak and then Heart of the Hunter in that order. One of the other aspects of Meyer's writing that I enjoy is that his novel's main character will make an appearance is a minor role is his other novels. Fun to see him populate his fictional world with these people that pop up in various circumstances. And if you enjoy these titles, take heart, Deon Meyer's next novel, Devil's Peak is set for release in sometime in 2008.
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