Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Marley Read-alikes: McDuff Goes to School

While I adored the descriptions of Marley in our Burbank Reads selection, I must say that I am partial to one breed of dog over all others: the West Highland White Terrier, or Westie. This is the reason I get such a kick out of flipping through Rosemary Wells' McDuff series of picture books for children. Illustrator Susan Jeffers perfectly captures the curiosity and mischief that is so much a part of the Westie charm. My favorite book has to be McDuff Goes to School, where he finds a new friend and neighbor in Marie, the Scottie. (My grandmother has always had both a Westie and Scottie in charge of her household. As such, this combination of dogs makes me melt every time.) I highly recommend sharing this book with your child as we celebrate the most loyal (though often stubborn) examples of our canine companions. You can also find the following books in our library: McDuff's wild romp, McDuff saves the day, McDuff moves in, McDuff comes home, McDuff's new friend, and McDuff and the baby.

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