Thursday, January 04, 2007

New Book Spotlight

The folks at DK Publishing have put together a wonderful art instruction book, entitled Acrylics Workshop. As with any book emblazoned with the DK logo, Acrylics Workshop contains dazzling photographs and illustrations. This is a phenomenal reference for the beginner painter; there is even a section covering the correct way to hold a brush or painting knife. Highly recommended!

Next is a gorgeous "cookbook" called The Soul of a New Cuisine : A Discovery of the Foods and Flavors of Africa. I feel quotation marks are necessary. Though there are hundreds of recipes in this heavy volume, it is equal parts culinary travel book and memoir. If you're looking for an exotic meal for your dinner table, you should certainly consult this book.

Finally, National Geographic has recently published The Ultimate Field Guide to Photography. Who better to offer you invaluable tips and tricks for digital and film photography than National Geographic, a magazine that has successfully and artistically captured people and places all around the world?

For more new titles, please see our New Library Items via our library catalog.

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