Monday, February 05, 2007

Marley Read-alikes - Lives of the Monster Dogs.

OK, so in actual comparison to Marley & Me, the primary simularity will be that dogs are characters in both books but I will recommend Lives of the Monster Dogs by Kirsten Bakis nonetheless. A moody, contemporary monster tale that went on to win the Horror Writers Association's 1997 Bram Stoker award for Best First Novel. One does wonder with such an intriguing first novel why Bakis remains a one-book author? Below is a short review from our iBistro catalog that best sums up the story. I hope that you will take a chance on something different, I did and found the journey worthwhile.
A clever, compelling Frankenstein story for the millennium, Bakis's first novel draws the reader into an improbable near-future phenomenon and makes it beguilingly real. In 1897 German scientist Augustus Rank flees with his followers to a remote Canadian location, where they labor in secret toward Rank's dream of engineering an advanced race of soldier
dogs. A century later, the dogs are perfected--natural but hyperintelligent canines fitted with voice-boxes and prosthetic hands, trained in human pursuits and standing erect. They revolt, destroy their makers, and, dressed in 19th-century formal wear, find their way to 21st-century New York City. This book is the story of New York's experience of these now-peaceful marvels, of their history and misleading glamor, and, particularly, of the relationship between human narrator Cleo Pira and the wise and troubled canine historian,
Ludwig von Sacher. This classic monster story, tragic and philosophical, is simply marvelous. A poised and accomplished debut; highly recommended.Janet Ingraham, Worthington P.L., Ohio Copyright 1997 Cahners Business Information, Inc

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