Thursday, February 08, 2007

What to do for President's Day

  • Help celebrate President's Day, February 19th by reading a book about or by one of our Presidents. For suggested titles, check out the library's newly revised book list "Don't Know Much About Presidents" [available at all three libraries] which has a selection of reading choices and a few tidbits of trivia covering all Presidents from George to George [Washington to Bush].
  • Also, stop by the Central Library during February and check out the Presidents display in all three lobby display cases.
  • Want someplace to go for a President's Day celebration [or for an interesting day trip]? Then try either the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley or the Richard Nixon Library & Birthplace in Yorba Linda. Both sites provide unique experiences regarding these Presidents, their time in office and American history in general. Thus far, only the Nixon Library has listed their events for the day [click here to see the events] and I wish that I could attend, free admission too!
  • For an interesting Presidential listening experience, please try the four part audio cassette series Great Presidents by Allan J. Lichtman. This is a wonderfully enlightening and entertaining series of 48 college level lectures [don't be intimidated, think of it as a long book-on-cassette!] that profiles 12 of the greatest Presidents to serve in that office: Washington, Jefferson, Jackson, Polk, Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson and Reagan. I have listened to this and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about our Presidents.

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Duedsml said...

The Reagan Library has published its list of President's Day activities. Go here

to see them, enjoy.