Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Burbank Reads - What do you think?

Now that Burbank Reads is well under way, I thought that I'd pose a question to any who have read Marley and Me . We'd love to hear your thoughts. Please click on the "comments" link below and let us know!

"The subtitle of Marley & Me is "Life and Love with the World's Worst Dog." Do you think Marley deserves the title "World's Worst Dog?"


Emma said...

Well, he certainly sounded like a handful. Of course, my dog likes to stand by the door and bark until you open it...and then stare blankly at you when you do...but I guess that's simply "crazy". Then there is her neighbor, Maggie the Scottie, who yaps shrilly at lizards that may or may not exist. So, I guess Marley sounds pretty normal by dog standards.

Anonymous said...

I had an Australian Shephard mix who was extremely terrified of loud noises, like Marley. Knowing her unreasonable fear, I rushed home one day from work after hearing a clap of thunder. The dog was indoors, so I wanted to calm her down. When I walked through the door, I was immediately hit by the unpleasant smell of iron. I had read in murder mysteries about the smell of blood, but had never experienced it firsthand. Frantically searching the house, I went into the back backroom. No dog, but blood everywhere on the wall, on the floor, on the window frame. The dog in her terror had gone through the window. Unbelievably, the dog turned up at the door a couple minutes later, seemingly unhurt. I'll never know where all the blood came from, but it sure was a mess to clean up. I never thought of my dog as bad - just crazed when it came to loud noises. Reading "Marley and Me", I felt the same way - he wasn't the world's worse dog, but he certainly sure could cause havoc!