Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Like the Book? Read the Blog!

Just last week I discovered a particularly neat form of blog: one that serves to continue where a book left off. Of particular interest is a blog penned by John Grogan, the author of our Burbank Reads selection, Marley and Me. Catch up on the current activities of Mr. Grogan and his bestselling memoir by visiting the Marley & Me site! You can also find the link on our new "Like the Book? Read the Blog!" section on the right side of the page.

While Grogan's blog is more personal, others use the space to continue themes from their books. My personal favorite is the Freakonomics blog, where I learned that prices for generic drugs at pharmacies are not, in fact, created equal. Another wonderful book-based blog is John Battelle's Searchblog, author of The search : how Google and its rivals rewrote the rules of business and changed our culture. You can find links to news and issues surrounding search engines, technology, and more. Also of note? The Long Tail, based on Chris Anderson's book The long tail : why the future of business is selling less of more. What is the long tail? He'll cover it best in his about page, but it's essentially the big "everything else" that us consumers like to buy and explore, beyond the top 10 musical hits, Tickle Me Elmos, and what have you.

A special place in my heart belongs to the strangely named Good Evening, written by John Hodgman of The Areas of My Expertise fame. Is it related to the book? Kinda, in that it's eccentric and somewhat random. The man who gave the world a list of 700 hobo names now provides a blog with...whatever. But whatever is good!

Finally, currently on order for our library is the book Survival of the Sickest: A Medical Maverick Discovers Why We Need Disease by Sharon Moalem. You perhaps saw him interviewed on the Daily Show. Well, lo and behold, there is also now a Survival of the Sickest blog.

While there are likely hundreds of personal author blogs out there, I selected and highlighted ones that are closely knit to a published book. Do you know of any others? Leave me a comment - I'm somewhat obsessed now.

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