Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Lĭt / uh / ruh / sē Äw / fĭs

Statewide Public Awareness Campaign for Library Literacy Programs

During 2005 and 2006, the California State Library conducted a statewide survey of library literacy program participants in order to determine the most effective ways of promoting our services.

One of the results of this research: Billboard ads and Bus Stop ads are now visible on California streets and highways. The Billboard Campaign was designed and placed by Clear Channel where they actually own billboards and bus shelters. To date they have committed to 28 billboards and 70 bus shelters with many more to be donated. This is a huge ad space donation -- hundreds of thousands of dollars in donated space to California Library Literacy Services.

So keep an eye open for these billboards and bus stop ads as you stroll or drive around Burbank or around the state.
1-888-SOS-READS or visit the Literacy Office, Burbank Public Library: 818 . 238 . 5577.

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