Wednesday, March 28, 2007

What We're Watching: Idiocracy

A while back, a movie quietly appeared in limited theaters around the country to very little fanfare. 20th Century Fox mysteriously refrained from spending anything on marketing - it was all very hush hush. Typically this would lead me to believe that the movie in question was not worth the price of admission. Not so.

Idiocracy was directed by Mike Judge, creator of the animated MTV classic Beavis and Butthead. That said, I think you can determine for yourself whether that brand of humor is for you. Idiocracy forces you to imagine what life will be like if society continues to dumb down at the rate it is today. Luke Wilson wakes up to that world, only to find that, while he was a remarkably average person in his own time, he is now the smartest man alive. Hilarity ensues.

If you're not already wildly offended by it, this is a movie that is good to watch more than once. There is a lot happening in the background that is difficult to catch the first time through. I was particularly amused by the "Jack Inuh Box" logo found in one scene.

I love this movie. It's the kind of movie I'd like to quote from all the time, but I think I know better. I will say that Brawndo's got what plants crave. It's got electrolytes.

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