Wednesday, March 21, 2007

What we're watching

If you are like me, every so often you need a hearty dose of British TV. I recently discovered a wonderful Irish televistion series, Ballykissangel, on one of the local PBS stations and was totally hooked. This series was filmed from 1996-2001 and was a world-wide hit. Even if you're not of Irish descent, the series brings many a chuckle or tear.

When young English priest Peter Clifford arrives in the small Irish village of Ballykissangel he knew he was in for some challenges. After all, what was an English priest doing in Ireland? Before even arriving in the village, the bus Father Clifford is riding on is almost pulverized by a huge flying box. He soon discovers the box is a gift from the town's crafty businessman, Brian Quigley.

As the series unfolds, you meet a varied cast of delightfully mischievous characters: Assumpta, the fiery, beautiful owner of Fitzgerald's Bar; Donal and Liam, Quigley's sidekicks who are always in some sort of money-making scheme; Siobhan, the down-to-earth veterinarian; and Quigley's daughter Niamh who is set on marrying Ambrose, the town cop.

There are great, quirky characters, magnificent scenery, and throughout, a delightful sense of humor. Fans of British TV will recognize many of the actors, including a young Colin Farrell in later seasons. Also, those who liked the series All Creatures Great and Small will enjoy Ballykissangel.

The first two seasons of Ballykissangel will be coming soon to the Burbank Public Library. In the meantime, you can catch episodes Saturday nights (check your TV listings).

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