Monday, April 16, 2007

Author Spotlight - Wilbur Smith and his River God series.

For me, learning that Wilbur Smith has an upcoming new book in his River God series was a double blessing. Not only is The Quest set for a May 15, publication date, but I found that I had missed out on reading the prior novel in the series, Warlock, so I have two books to look forward to reading. I have fond memories of reading the first two titles, The Seventh Scroll and River God. These two make a fun and unusual prequel/sequel pairing. The Seventh Scroll is a rolicking fun adventure set in comtemporary times with good guys [and gals] vs. the bad guys in trying to locate a fabulous buried treasure [think of it as a book version of a "Indiana Jones" adventure.] River God is the ancient Egyptian side telling of the events leading to the hiding of the treasure. From a reader's viewpoint, you can read the two in any order, although River God was published first. With summer upcoming, these books are perfect vacation reading companions!

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