Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Jackie Robinson

Last Sunday, Major League baseball, celebrated the 60th Anniversary of Jackie Robinson breaking the color line in baseball. Not too surprising, the book publishing world has tied into this with two new books relating to Jackie that have just been cataloged into Burbank's collection.
The Library also owns a number of other books on Jackie, his career, life and impact upon baseball and American society. For additional reading, consider the following selected titles from our collection:

Profiles in sports courage by Ken Rappaport.

Jackie Robinson : a biography by Arnold Rampersad.

Jackie Robinson : an intimate portrait by Rachel Robinson. [his wife]

I never had it made : an autobiography by Jackie Robinson. [Jackie's autobiography]

On the internet, visit:

The Jackie Robinson Foundation at

The Official Jackie Robinson website at

Jackie's profile at the The National Baseball Hall of Fame

I hope that you will enjoy reading and learning more about this remarkable man and his important accomplishments.

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