Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Joe Camp and Benji Visit Burbank Library

This past Saturday, we were honored to welcome Benji creator Joe Camp to the Buena Vista Library. We were equally honored to have as our guest a true canine celebrity, Benji. She is the fourth dog to take the famous name and the third female of the series. She also starred in the movie Benji: Off the Leash!

Mr. Camp first discussed the importance of reading with the younger attendees. Benji didn't seem too interested and settled in for a nap. "You can see that anytime I start talking, she goes to sleep," he joked. He roused her for some tricks, which included the art of nudging a water bottle and the impressive ability to sneeze on command. We also learned that the pampered pup loves to eat avocados and always flies first class. In one entertaining anecdote, Joe described one plane ride where a startled woman yelped at the unexpected appearance of a dog at meal time; Benji had wriggled her way underneath the seats in search of crumbs.

At the end of the program, Joe signed books and DVDs, and Benji calmly posed for photographs with children and adults. You can see pictures at the library's new Flickr page. Too cute. This picture is also too cute:

Please see this page for a list of upcoming Burbank Reads events. Among them, the Buena Vista Kennel Club Dog Show! Kids will get to enter their adorable plush dogs. Awards will be given to the best in show! Bring your camera for a photograph with Clifford the Big Red Dog. Join us on April 14 at Buena Vista Library. The event starts at 1:00.

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