Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Pet First Aid

Imagine: You come home from work and open the front door. A flurry of motion draws your eyes to the ground. It hits you like a ton of bricks; you begin to panic. Your dog is in the midst of seizure.

Do you know what to do?

Denise Fleck joined us at the Burbank Library last night for our last week of Burbank Reads events, and introduced a riveted audience to the life-saving techniques of pet first aid. As in a human emergency, what you can do in the first few moments can help your pet immeasurably. Her trusty sidekick Bonzai the Akita was brought up to the stage to demonstrate a "snout to tail check", which should be done weekly to detect potential problems early. She was a patient model until she hurled her sturdy body toward the door. Fleck finally relented and Akita went to sit by "dad", while "mom" switched over to the stuffed animals. She showed us how to apply a bandage, and where to find the pressure points on each leg in case of a particularly bad injury. Finally, she brought out a special Dalmatian "training dummy" and plush cat to show us how to perform CPR on both small and medium-sized to large pets. She also discussed what to do if your pet is poisoned, and which types of chocolates are worst if accidentally ingested. (Dark chocolate may be full of antioxidants, but it also has higher levels of theobromine, which is potentially lethal to your pet.)

If you're interested in participating in a Pet First Aid and CPR class, you can go to her website at Sunny-Dog Ink. There is still one class this month which will be held at the Burbank Animal Shelter on Saturday, April 28. Please visit the site because there is a wealth of information there that may be beneficial to your pet.

This is the last week to get in on the Burbank Reads fun! Join us tonight, April 18 at Buena Vista Library for a program entitled How to Choose the Right Dog for You. Tomorrow, April 19, is a special Family Night at the Buena Vista Library. Professional dog trainer Bernie Yeszin and his dog Miss Daisy will be there to teach you a few new tricks. Finally, this Saturday at both Central and Buena Vista, Burbank Goes to the Dogs! Check out the calendar because there will be wonderful events all day.

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