Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What We're Listening To - Blink by Malcolm Gladwell

On my current trip to Arizona, [hello from Arizona] my audiobook listening companion is Blink by Malcolm Gladwell. Blink investigates why sometimes when making decisions, our "snap" judgements or quick decisions made under pressure or our first impressions turn out to be correct even after thorough analysis is made later. Why are these "thin slices" of information frequently are the best tools that we can use in our decision making process, even if we don't know why they are so. Fascinating stuff and I have to admit that having reached my destination I was really very tempted to just keep on driving so that I could finish Blink, but better judgment took over and I will have to wait until my return drive to finish this audiobook. I also know that Gladwell's previous book "The Tipping Point" is now near the top of my reading list.

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