Friday, May 18, 2007

Blogs on Parade: Music

Huntington Beach P L: music & reviews

Guido's Hand - Oberlin Conservatory Library
news and information about our library, the world of music, and all stops in between.

Memphis Music: Memphis music history +

The Music Blog: Cuyahoga Library's 'Allergy Playlist'

University of Houston
Competitions, festivals, and job announcements

Westport CT: news & reviews (oldest entries listed first)

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Preston said...

The Memphis music collection at the Memphis Public library is stellar. Also noteworthy is their commitment to playing local music, past and present, on the library's radio station. The blog, however, seems to have gone dormant. If your readers are interested in digging into more Memphis music history on an active blog, please stop by the new project at Memphis Sound: Lost and Found. It's an active community of music lovers, researchers, and community members.