Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What We're Watching: Twin Peaks, The Second Season

I probably shouldn't even bring this up, as I see that Season One is no longer available at our library. Your mind will explode if you're thrust in the middle of the series without a proper introduction. (I'd imagine.) Still, the fact that Season Two even exists is cause for celebration.

If you're a fan of TV shows on DVD like me, you may occasionally fall victim to those ominous rights issues that threaten to make subsequent releases either improbable or impossible. Such is the reality for Twin Peaks: The Second Season, which is a LONG time coming. The road to production is a little too confusing to discuss at length, but after many stops and starts, changing of hands, and delays, it finally found itself on retail shelves. It was released nearly 6 years after the first season.

Twin Peaks was set in a small, fictional town in the northwest. The first season brought in eccentric FBI agent Dale Cooper to investigate the mysterious murder of Laura Palmer. Season two answered the question that captivated a nation...and then veered off down a dark, supernatural road that lost many of its original viewers. Even so, this is the kind of show that media arts professors screen in class, presenting David Lynch as an example of the auteur. It was original, visually captivating, and entertaining. It was equal parts humor and terror. This brilliant and quirky show has a permanent place in my top 5 TV shows of all time. Now I can finally get rid of that very grainy VHS box set. Happy day.

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