Thursday, July 19, 2007

Henry Aaron - The People's Home Run King.

While Barry Bonds will soon become the all-time career leader in home runs, most baseball fans will still hold Henry Aaron as "The People's King." In my humble opinion, the best thing regarding Bond's breaking the record, is all of the attention, appreciation and admiration that is now focused upon Aaron, his baseball career and life. I think that I shall have to go home tonight and look at my 1974 Topps baseball cards and relieve the thrill that a 14 year old boy got when he opened a pack and found "Hammering Hank" looking up at him. For those interested in reading up on Henry Aaron, please visit a new article in this week's Sport's Illustrated magazine, "The People's King" by Tom Verducci or read Hank Aaron's excellent 1991 autobiography "I Had a Hammer." Both are wonderful reads that will lend appreciation for all that Henry Aaron is and Barry Bonds will never be.

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nptid said...

I'll never forget the time my coworker, Elaine LaBouef, came running back up to the office where I worked in the late 1970s to tell me Hank Aaron was at the hotel across the street and she had just me him. She was sooo excited!