Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Lĭt / uh / ruh / sē Äw / fĭs

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Clerihew Day - July 10

Edmund Clerihew Bentley wrote the first known clerihew as a schoolboy. His schoolmate, G K Chesterton also wrote ‘Clerihews’ as did W H Auden.

E C Bentley is also known for his groundbreaking mystery novel, Trent's Last Case (1911), which helped make plot and character as important as the puzzle in English detective fiction. The first Clerihew by E C Bentley:

Sir Humphry Davy
Detested gravy.
He lived in the odium
Of having discovered sodium.

This and other classics at Wikipedia.

Clerihews have a few simple rules:
A Clerihew should be funny
4 lines long - AABB
1st line names a person
2nd line ends in a rhyme of the person’s name
the 3rd and 4th lines rhyme

Edgar Allen Poe
Was very fond of roe.
He always liked to chew some,
When writing anything gruesome.
— by E. C. Bentley

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