Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"To own or not to own" - Hamlet to be released on DVD!

I am a happy camper as on August 14, William Shakespeare's Hamlet, directed and starring Kenneth Branagh will receive it's long overdue release on DVD! I was lucky enough to see this amazing film when it was first released in 1996 in a theatre and have longed for the DVD ever since. As Branagh had the audacity of both filming Hamlet in visually lush 70 mm [and it shows] and to do the full text of the play [unheard of and boy does this flesh out the characters] you will have some 4 hours of Shakespearean enjoyment ahead of you. As usual, Branagh casts his movie with a mix of classical trained British actors and a mix of familiar Hollywood stars. I am a huge fan of Branagh's Shakespeare movies and this is the crown jewel IMHO! Watch and enjoy, I know I will!

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