Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ross Macdonald republished and revisited.

Do you ever have good reading intentions that you fail to follow through on? That intriguing bestseller that you've meant to get around to reading for the last 3 years or an author that you know you should read but haven't gotten around to it? Well, today I am reminded of one of my "good intentions" in that The LA Times has a nice article concerning the republication of the great mystery writer Ross Macdonald's books. One title of interest is a new title, "The Archer Files", with his short stories which I will have to recommend for purchase! I have read a couple of the novels [years ago] and have always meant to return and read more of his Lew Archer novels. Perhaps you'll join me this time around and revisit one of the all-time great mystery writers!

The LA Times article can be found at,0,4172806.story?coll=cl-calendar

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