Wednesday, August 01, 2007

What We've Been Watching - Alfred Hitchcock's Saboteur.

I checked out Saboteur thinking that I hadn't seen it in quite awhile...I was very wrong, turns out that I found an Alfred Hitchcock movie that I had never seen. What a happy surprise! While this World War II espionage thriller is minor Hitchcock there are interesting things to see. If you are familiar with his earlier film The 39 Steps, look for plot similarities with Sabotage [his American 39 Steps as it has been referred to] and also, there are a number of familiar Hitchcockian elements that will appear in later films, the Man-on-the-run, the doubting blond woman, spies, cross country chases, a climatic chase on a famous national symbol and a scene involving gun play in a theater. Also when watching Saboteur, look for my favorite shot of the black smoky clouds from a fire rolling into view...really striking to see. Any Hitchcock movie is time well spent in my book and Saboteur is well worth watching.


Louise said...

Looking at the cover art for this film, I noticed that one of the stars was an actress named Priscilla Lane. Did you know that a street in Burbank, Priscilla Lane, is named after her. Her sister, Rosemary Lane, also has a street named in her honor. The Lane sisters were under contract to Warner Bros.

Duedsml said...

I did not know that, how about that a bit of Burbank trivia!