Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Important information for you or anyone that you may know that have been displaced by the fires.

For more information contact:
Brian Brokowski, 619-246-3810 or
Courtney Bylund, 714-926-8106


San Francisco, October 22, 2007 - In response to the fires in Southern California, AT&T California is making available a number of free services to support AT&T customers displaced by the fires to ensure they have the ability to send and receive calls to family members and others.

AT&T California is providing certain voice mail and call forwarding features, free of charge, for 30 days to displaced consumers and small businesses. For customers who need a local service line installed at a temporary or new location the Line Connection Fee will be waived. AT&T residential customers displaced by the fires can call 1-877-722-6787 and small business customers can call 1-800-750-2355 to set up the following services:

· Call Forwarding - Automatically forwards calls to any phone number.
· Remote Access to Call Forwarding – Allows displaced customers to dial in and direct normal home phone calls to another number from any phone.
Remote Call Forwarding – Allows displaced customers to permanently forward their number to another number.
Message Center/Voice Mail Series 50/50+ - Allows displaced customers to retrieve messages left at their home or business phone line from any location, as well leave a greeting telling callers their status.
Phone Line – For displaced AT&T customers who set up phone service at a new location, AT&T will waive installation charges.

"The necessity to communicate with family, friends and loved ones, as well as critical community support services, becomes even more vital during a crisis," said Mark Leslie, San Diego area vice president for external affairs. "We are doing all we can to ensure those impacted by the fires will be able to keep in touch with family and have access to other important contacts during this difficult time.”

The voice mail box being made available is located inside AT&T’s central office, so it will be a central and secure place to leave and receive messages. With call forwarding and remote access to call forwarding, impacted AT&T customers can direct incoming calls to their home numbers to the telephone number of their choice to ensure they are receiving their phone calls.

Again, AT&T residential fire victims can call 1-877-722-6787, and small business customers can call 1-800-750-2355 for information regarding the free AT&T phone services.

Despite the severity of the fire emergency and the mass evacuations, calls to 911 are being routed appropriately and the AT&T network is performing well.


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