Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Watching the Burbank City Council Meetings Just Got Easier

The City has just unveiled a new tool which enhances the on-line webcasting of our City Council Meetings. Granicus Media Manager offers a new way of viewing and researching all information presented at our Council meetings.

What exactly does Granicus do? It delivers public information quickly with rich media such as minutes, staff reports, agendas, and more all synchronized with the video and audio content. Granicus will publish recorded files live as searchable archives that can be used for efficient long-term record keeping. Searchable archives allow any meeting or a section of a meeting to be retrieved using a simple keyword search, just like any popular search engine, such as “Google”.

Granicus lets you play back the video of the meeting allowing the public or City staff to conduct their own research. You can “jump to” a particular item on the agenda to see the action the Council took without having to watch the entire meeting. Granicus simplifies the research process by linking all documents such as minutes, staff reports, or attachments with the audio and video corresponding to the particular item on the Agenda.

In addition to watching the meetings live online, you can replay the meeting anytime you would like with Granicus. Check out the City’s website to see how Granicus has improved the on-line webcast of our City Council meetings!

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