Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What to Read Next

Have I got a book for you! Interred with Their Bones, the debut novel by Jennifer Lee Carrell, is a fast-paced thriller with plot twists of Da Vinci proportions. It involves a long-lost Shakespeare play, the Holy Grail to Shakespearean scholars and theatre folk. Kate Stanley fits both categories and her introduction to the quest comes in the form of her eccentric mentor, Rosalind Howard, Harvard Professor of Shakespeare. She shows up at London’s rebuilt Globe theatre on the eve of Kate’s directorial stint with the production of Hamlet.

Roz gives Kate a gold-wrapped box and claims to have made an amazing discovery. Before she can share her information, there’s a fire at the Globe and Roz is found dead, murdered in the fashion of Hamlet’s father. Roz’s mysterious gift sets Kate on a race to decipher clues in the words of Shakespeare to one of literary history’s greatest conundrum. Evading a killer who stages the bard’s most dramatic murders, Kate follows the clues from London to the hallowed halls of Harvard’s libraries to the American West.

This literary adventure is both elegantly written and full of suspense. Author Jennifer Lee Carrell holds a Ph.D. in American and English literature from Harvard University. She has written for Smithsonian magazine, taught history and literature at Harvard, and directed Shakespeare for Harvard’s Hyperion Theatre Company.

But don’t be fooled into thinking this book is a scholarly work. Yes, the scholarship is there, but the gripping story and tantalizing questions surrounding the authorship of Shakespeare’s plays makes Interred with Their Bones a fascinating read. The stunning climax in the Arizona mountains will take your breath away! The author is already at work on the next Kate Stanley adventure.

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