Wednesday, December 26, 2007

New Book Spotlight: Look-Alikes Around the World

You'll find Look-Alikes Around the World by Joan Steiner in the children's room, but adults should also take notice. This imaginative book is a boon to parents who like to share a good book with their son or daughter. Each page has numerous postcards of various locations. As you pour over each image, however, you notice that each subject is comprised not of brick and mortar but of look-alike objects. Take the cover image - the Taj Mahal is flanked by recorders as minarets. Hersheys white chocolate stands in for the wall. The building itself is shaped by white shoes, a ballet slipper, lace, onions, bendable straws, and pushpins. Each postcard takes you all around the world in this fashion. You will marvel at the sock and doorstop Easter Island statue and the creative use of metronomes, mahjong tiles, and chess bishops. Don't expect to catch everything the first time through - soon you'll be chuckling and randomly identifying new objects with a disconcerting "broccoli!" or "zipper!" to an empty room. That will be after your child has long tired of the game and went to bed and you're still enthusiastically studying each page. Copies will soon be available at all Burbank libraries.

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