Monday, December 17, 2007

Read all about it - new book list available.

Ever wonder what is contained in the wonderful world of fiction set in a Library or featuring Librarians? Wonder no more, just find the new book list "In the Stacks" now available on your iBistro catalog. Check out all of the great reads on this list and many others that are found under the "Have you Read?" link.

So what would I recommend from the list?

"Dewey Decimated" by Charles Goodrum, a library mystery for one and if you are someone who accumulates overdue fines at the library and are looking for motivation to change your ways, you might want to read Stephen King's novella, "The Library Policeman" found in his collection "Four Past Midnight". If that doesn't encourage more timely returns of checked out library books, nothing is ever going to get the job done!

Hope you enjoy the books on this or other available lists! Do let us know what lists that you have used and what books you've read!

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