Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Reading in triplicate...

From time-to-time, I find myself reading multiple books at the same time. Here is what I am currently reading, if you are lucky, I'll even post on all three titles at a later date when I am done!

"The Codex" by Douglas Preston. (a dying multi-millionaire entombs himself and his wealth and challenges his three sons to find their inheritance)

"Dark Delicacies II: Fear" (the second collection of original horror stories edited and under the imprimatur of Burbank's own Dark Delicacies book store...BTW, you missed a lively panel discussion by some of the authors last Wednesday night at Buena Vista and congratulations for the recent Bram Stoker Award nomination for best anthology...good luck on winning. They won the same award for their first short story anthology, two-for-two for a Burbank store would be pretty terrific!)

"Campaigning for president" (featuring wonderful photographs of author Jordan Wright's private collection of presidential campaign memorabilia from George W. to George W.)

So this is what is on my current reading list, what stack of books are you working on? Please leave a comment and let us know!

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