Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What We're Reading: Another Thing to Fall

Another Thing to Fall by Laura Lippman.

I like a mystery and this is a good one. After a series of suspicious “accidents” on the set, Private Investigator Tess Monaghan is hired to be the bodyguard/babysitter for the young star of “Mann of Steel,” a TV show being shot in Baltimore. Tess has to untangle the alliances among the actors and crew and producers on the set, while keeping her charge out of harm's way. I especially like a book that captures a setting as if it were a character in the novel, and Lippman does it with Baltimore. A big Hollywood production moving into a working class, somewhat economically depressed area has its consequences.

If you’ve read Lippman’s other books featuring Tess Monaghan you won’t be disappointed by this one, and if not, start reading. The books in the series have won the Edgar, Agatha, Shamus, Anthony and Nero Wolf awards. Lippman lives in Baltimore and is married to David Simon, producer of HBO’s “The Wire” and she knows her way around both a TV shoot, and a good mystery.

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The Los Angeles Times had a recent article about the author and book, guess I shall have to read Lippman now!,0,6690460.story