Monday, March 03, 2008

What We're Reading - "Plum Lucky" by Janet Evanovich

What do destroyed cars, a horse in an apartment, a rashy and swollen faced mobster, the return of Diesel (and his many talents), Grandma Mazur on the loose gambling in Atlantic City, a wee spot of a man who may possibly be a leprechaun, a duffel bag of money that is stolen, gambled, found, stolen, ransomed and who knows all what and Lula in lingerie all have in common?

Stephanie Plum and her latest mystery adventure "Plum Lucky" (a between-the-numbers novel) is the answer. If you are a fan of Janet Evanovich you are in for the usual chuckles, if you haven't read the Stephanie Plum series, you should start with the first one, "One For the Money".

I know that the Soprano's have the reputation of being the most feared force in New Jersey, but personally, I would be far more afraid of tangling with Stephanie Plum, she causes much more destruction and havoc and is far more unpredictible than Tony ever was!

Visit the author's website which features a nice list of the official order to read the main series and these "Between the numbers" books.

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