Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What We're Reading - A Prisoner of Birth by Jeffrey Archer.

Ha, I fooled you! When I last posted, I was juggling 3 books at once and which one did I finish first to post about...none of them. What could I do, as the next day, I received a copy of Jeffrey Archer's highly enjoyable new book "A Prisoner of Birth" and this zoomed to the top of my reading list. Archer has long been one of my favorite writers, whether suspense, politics, family drama or short stories [I highly recommend those], I have always found myself in the hands of a writer who above all is an entertaining teller of tales. "A Prisoner of Birth" is no different, this time he's spinning his take on the Dumas classic, "The Count of Monte Cristo", with main character Danny Cartwright, an illiterate London East Ender, falsely imprisoned due to the testimony of 4 upper class friends - "The Musketeers". How Danny transforms himself in Prison, attempts to clear his name and exact his revenge is fun reading as Archer knows how to twist his plot so the journey is far from predictable.

If you haven't read Jeffrey Archer, I'd highly recommend him and after reading "A Prisoner of Birth" one will be tempted to read, as I am, "The Count of Monte Cristo" and given the amount of the story told from behind bars, Archer's own three volume prison memoirs which I am sure greatly influence this piece of fiction.

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