Thursday, April 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Sue Grafton!

Saw that Sue Grafton turns 68 years old today...Happy Birthday to you and Sue, anytime you want, the Burbank Public Library would love to have you stop by for an author talk/book signing event! [shameless plug, I know]

Anyone have any good guesses as to what "U" will be for? How about "U" is for Uniform? or "U is for Unlucky"

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ldr said...

I'm going with:

U is For Underworld

Jan said...

How about U is for undesirable, or U is for unsavory, or U is for undeniable, or U is for under dog, or U is for upper class...there are so many and she ALWAYS comes up with one I don't think of. I just wish she would hurry and publish it. LOL

Megan said...

I think I might go for U is for Useless but I also can't wait for it to appear.Can't be long now!

M. Diane Rogers said...

How about Unidentified or 'Unsub' ?