Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What We're Reading - Devil's Peak.

There is nothing better than a brand new book sitting in your hands by a favorite author. Such was the feeling of anticipation when beginning to read Devil's Peak by Deon Meyer...and now there is nothing sadder in having finished such a book and knowing that it will be awhile until a new book comes my way.

One of the reasons that mystery/crime fiction endures is that the basic framework allows for an author's and reader's exploration of other cultures, countries, occupations, etc. and Meyer always delivers an interesting brew of complex, flawed characters that explore the changing face of South Africa all while delivering gripping, page turning stories.

This time he features three characters, Inspector Benny Griessel, an alcoholic who has hit bottom and is trying to piece what remains of his life back together; Christine van Rooyen, a young prostitute with her own agenda and my personal favorite character, the return of Thobela "Tiny" Mpayipheli, a Xhosa and former mercenary attempting to lead a peaceful existence. Add in drug lords, racial issues, a serial killer and an examination of child abuse in South Africa, mix well and you have a tale well told.

If you like your crime fiction on the realistic, gritty end of the spectrum, read Deon Meyer. I think he's destined to reach our best seller charts in the U.S. someday, you heard it first here, so jump on the bandwagon early!

FYI - For all of you Michael Connelly fans out there, Meyer was good enough to join him on a past book tour which is how I first discovered Deon Meyer, that should be enough recommendation to give him a read.

Visit Deon Meyer's website here.

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