Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What We’re Reading: Stash Envy

Stash Envy and Other Quilting Confessions and Adventures by Lisa Boyer

This is a book that anyone who quilts can sympathize with the author and get a therapeutic belly laugh from. It’s great to know that we (quilters) are not alone. Lisa Boyer, quilter, quilt designer and teacher shares the angst and success that every quilter has felt, trying to make that “perfect” quilt. Everything from setting aside a whole day to quilt – and only getting in a half hour of quilting after you finish with the interruptions from the husband, the phone, the kids, the dog - to why does the “perfect color choices” in fabric create the ugliest quilt imaginable, only to be reborn in time into a quilt that’s actually kind of pretty when you are finished with it. Lisa also presents a new set of rules for real people that should be used in judging quilts that includes points for “Effective Use of Quilt Lumps” and “Color Bravery.”

I asked my sister – my companion in crime in quilting whether she’d heard of the book. She said she’d put it on her book list, but right now she needed to finish a quilt saying, "… Only 2 weeks to the Sauder Quilt Show. House cleaning or quilting?…..the dust is getting thicker…."
Also check out for more about the author.

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