Friday, May 02, 2008

What We're Listening To: Flight of the Conchords

Having turned my back on most music that didn't originate in the 1980s, it is very rare that I would pick up a CD when it's released. However, I made an exception for the self-titled Flight of the Conchords. This CD may disappoint fans of the television show in a few ways. First, there is no new material - you have heard these before. Second, they've left out several of their more amusing numbers, like their appeal to Frodo to not "wear the ring, I know it's very tempting." Third, there are no live concert tracks with banter about banks and sheep as there was on The Distant Future EP (not currently available at the Burbank Libraries).

Still, if you found yourself laughing at their musical interludes, or you're eager to find out what's so funny about these hapless New Zealanders, then it's worth a listen and a check out from our library. You still get to hear Bret and Jemaine rap about life: "Other rappers diss me / Say my rhymes are sissy / What, what, what, why, why, why? / Be more constructive with your feedback." Or, admire a beautiful girl at a friend's party: "And when you're on the street / depending on the street / I bet you are definitely in the top 3 good-lookin' girls on the street / (Depending on the street)." And you'll get to hear the Bowie-esque tribute to David Bowie: "Do you have one really freaky sequin space suit, man? / Or do you have several ch-ch-ch-ch-changes?" It's all there. And if you listen to it more than once, the catchy tunes will probably keep you from falling asleep. Fair warning.

Are you looking for a visual so you can understand the appeal of the songs? We also have the Flight of the Conchords: The Complete First Season on DVD.

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